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Sandy Simmers Swallows A Big Dick And Gags

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Sandy Simmers and her sexy body

Sandy Simmers is a porn star who can really get a guy hard, with her blonde looks and stacked body.  That makes it easier for her partner to get his dick erect for her convenience, but that doesn’t make it any easier for her to take his huge boner down her throat without retching!  You’ll see this slut sucking on the thing with ease at first, until her partner starts getting extreme with his throat fucking and then thrusts deeper into her face, making her start gagging on his huge erection!

Sandy Simmers sucking on a huge cock

Soon he’s face fucking her like a man possessed, which he probably is.  Sandy’s got a pretty face after all, and the sight of her curvy body bent into the submissive positions he puts her in should get him really hard.  Sandy gets a pounding down her throat like she’s never had before, and soon she’s coughing up gobs of spit, which just serves to lubricate his dick even more!  Soon he cums hard into her grateful mouth, but not after having her upchuck a huge load of saliva all over her face and meaty titties.

Sandy Simmers drooling on her tits after sucking dick

Now that’s the kind of hardcore action we expect from a site like Gagalicious, where some of the wildest cockwhores get what’s coming to them by having to swallow these huge cocks until they can’t take any more!  Check it out now!

Eden Adams deepthroats and chokes on a big cock

Saturday, May 15th, 2010


Here’s another blonde hottie who’d blow your mind away with all her deepthroating skills. Meet Eden Adams, she’s only 19 and yet she’s more than ready to get face-fucked hard and rough. Now, don’t underestimate this slut when it comes to her skills in cocksucking; her young age sure doesn’t equate to experience as this hot babe has sucked as much big cocks as the rest of our featured cocksuckers here in Gagalicious.


Eden loves giving blowjobs. Of course, she likes sucking enormous cocks the most. She even gets more turned on when she chokes while deepthroating one. In this particular cocksucking escapade, Eden was reduced to tears after choking on this big cock she was sucking. Turned on because his cock is so big it made her puke, she resumes sucking with delight, gagging and spitting and giving the best blowjob she has ever given in her life.


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Kacey Villainess, mouth-fucked and gagged

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Kacey Villainess blowjob

Kacey Villainess‘ school girl look just makes her even more sexy. This tall, all-natural blonde girl came to us for one simple endeavour: to get the wildest cocksucking experience of her life. And that was exactly was she got after this blowjob episode. To make things even more exciting, Kacey admitted that she’s a deepthroat virgin. Well, Kacey’s first deepthroat experience got her retching alright!

Kacey gets a facial

Kacey started slow in her cocksucking adventure, demonstrating first her skill in sucking big cocks, and we admit she’s close to being a master cocksucker. After a while, while slowly deepthroating the big cock in front of her, she soon started gagging and choking, which got her even more turned on. Well, you gotta check out the rest of Kacey’s performance right here to find out how she handled the rest of her first deepthroat experience.