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A Long Hard Deepthroat For Kacey Villaines

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Kacey Villaines sucking a big cock

You’d find it easy to get hard for a cutie like Kacey Villaines, and so does her partner in this hardcore face fucking presentation.  With her blonde hair and perfect body, you might want to cover her body in kisses, but this guy does it differently and he fills her mouth with his enlarged cockmeat until she starts gagging on it!

Kacey Villaines being fucked in the face

Sliding his meaty sausage into her mouth really feels awesome, and soon he’s plunging it even deeper into her maw, triggering her gag reflexes!  She tries to take it all in and swallow every last [bit|stretch|inch]], but it’s harder than it looks, especially when he has her down on her back and he’s really reaming her face.  It pushes down deep into her mouth and soon she’s gagging hard and coughing up gobs of spit, which slowly drips down her face.  He’s unstoppable as she makes her take this deepthoating until he’s ready to cum.  Only then does he pull out of her mouth and she can get some air!

Kacey Villaines covered in spit after deepthroating session

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Horny Veronica Jett Just Loves A Hard Face-Fucking

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Veronica Jett sucking big cock

Now she may come of as some sort of shy librarian or something like that because of her glasses, but make no mistake, Veronica Jett is a huge cockslut who’s ready to suck cock any day of the year!  Now those innocent looks can get a guy really hard, and that’s just what it does to her partner in this wild episode.  He gets his dick really hard while she undresses and he’s ready by the time she’s stripped down and naked.  Then her ordeal begins, because he’s got a huge boner and she has to swallow down every last inch of it!

Verinica Jett getting cock in her mouth with her nose pinches

She has her mouth wide open and he takes it easy at first, having her suck on his shaft just partway through.  But that clearly isn’t enough. Soon she has to take in the entire length of his shaft as he pumps hard into her mouth, and soon she’s gagging at the effort.  His engorged penis fills her mouth and soon there isn’t even room for her saliva in there, and it comes flowing out as he face fucks her deep.

Veronica Jett after deepthroating her guy

Now this is the kind of cock that she’s been hoping for, and even as she chokes on it, she feels really horny and satisfied.  Soon he pulls away form her face and starts jacking off into her open mouth, and he knows that she’s a real cockslut to take that kind of face fucking and still open her mouth for the spooge he’s about to unload on her.  Those are the kind of sluts you can find an, so you’d better check the site out now!