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Layla Rivera Experiences Some Dirty Deepthroating

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Layla Rivera lying in bed sucking cock

A nasty slut like Layla Rivera ought to be used to sucking cock, but the thick boner she got here was just too much for her.  Or maybe it was the hardcore face pounding that she got that eventually had her dribbling out all that spit!  A sexy redheaded whore, she was horny for some action, and boy did she get it when her partner got hard immediately and started humping her mouth good and hard.

Layla Rivera gagging on a huge cock

Soon her mouth was having a hard time keeping its open position as she was getting her throat pounded really good.  She had to give up sometimes just to cough up all a huge load of spit, and that just made her partner fuck her mouth even harder!  Showing no mercy, she had to give a deepthroating with spit all over her face and her mascara running because of it.

Layla Rivera drooling all over herself after the deepthroating

But being the slut that she is, Layla made it to the end with the guy all satisfied and ready to explode.  Well, who wouldn’t be satisfied with the kind of cocksucking that she gave him?  He had his cock all covered in spit and puke at the end, and that’s the kind of service you just can’t beat.  And if you feel the same, then Gagalicious is the place for you!  See the finest cocksucking gag reflex photos and HD videos over on that site, and you’ll definitely be a satisfied guy!

Kaci Starr Puking While Swallowing Cock

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Now of all the sluts here who have a hard time sucking cock, I’d have thought that Kaci Starr would do fine.  But she ended up expelling a huge amount of spit and liquid on this guy’s boner, making it a real messy deepthroating indeed!

Kaci Starr giving a blowjob

She starts out sucking the guy’s stiffy and you have no idea how dirty it’ll get as she does it so easily.  But then she hasn’t had the entire length of his fuckrod down her throat yet, and that’s probably what triggers her gag reflex.  But still even without her chocking up all that junk, she’s already making quite a mess of the cocksucking, with her saliva running down his crotch.

Kaci Starr having a hard time giving a deepthroat

Then he starts face fucking her hard , and she starts choking.  Even with her on top, she starts deepthroating hard and ends up with a river of saliva and spew running down this lucky guy’s pecker!  This slut must have a hairtrigger on her gag reflex because of all the nasty stuff she ends up spilling on this guy’s dick!

Kaci Starr drooling and puking all over herself after the deepthroat

Now  that’s a real turn on!  it must feel real good, fucking her face with all that spit as a lubricant, and soon he’s ready to cum and Kaci has her mouth open, waiting for the good stuff to come spilling down on her.  For a gal who can’t take a huge cock down her throat, she’s pretty eager to swallow what comes out of it!  See all the hardcore action with Kaci Starr on and you’ll thank yourself for it.