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Natasha Tries To Play Nice With Sucking Some Cock

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Natasha Nice filling her mouth with cockmeat

But did Natasha succeed?  Well that depends if you consider success as a slut like her gagging on the cock she’s taking in.  Now if that means that she did a good job, then you’ll want to check out this extreme cocksucking video!

Natasha Nice getting her nose pinched while giving a blowjob

Now Natasha’s got a real sexy face, but even the prettiest face out there turns foul when she has to put a cock in its mouth until her gag reflex takes over.  And it’s not like her partner made it easy for her either!  No, he really fucked her face real good, just to satisfy himself.  No way is he thinking of her comfort when he thrusts his dick into her open mouth.  She can choke on it as long as her cums hard in the end!

Natasha Nice still drooling after her extreme blowjob session

And eventually, he does.  But not after Natasha Nice has a harrowing time with the intense face fucking she got, coughing up loads of spit and who knows what else.  She even has her nose pinched while she’s giving her blowjob, making it difficult to breathe with the huge cock down her throat.  So, does Natasha consider this a successful blowjob that satisfied her partner?  Well, if you consider the fact that she was plucking at her pussy like crazy while sputtering and gagging all the while, I guess you can.

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Lucky Benton Gives A Gagging-Filled Blowjob

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Lucky Benton sucking on a huge cock

Now wouldn’t you want to get lucky with this beauty named Lucky Benton?  I bet you do, and she’ll definitely make your cock a happy john of her brand of gagging-filled oral sex.  It’s not that Lucky can’t suck a cock real good.  No, she just loves the gagging experience that she gets when she has to swallow a huge fuckrod!

Lucky Benton stretching mouth to fit cock

Like in this session right here.  Lucky begins by sucking this dick just like an ordinary cock.  But then, the larger it gets, the more Lucky wanted to suck it, until it fills her entire mouth and soon she’s choking at the yummy feeling of her gag reflex going to work.  And so she widens her mouth even more with her fingers just so she can swallow the entire erection in one go!

Lucky Benton after gagging deepthroat

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