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Tyla Wynn Sucks Up Cock And Gives A Great Gag Reflex Performance

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Tyla Wynn masturbating before the session

Here’s another slut from the Gagalicious stable of cock-hungry whores, and this time it’s Tyla Wynn!  Now she’s a real Hoover machine when it comes to deepthroating cocks so we’re excited at the possibilities of some hardcore blowjob action from her.  She’s pretty excited herself and spends some time waiting for her man to get hard by plucking with her pussy!  Now that’s a slut and-a-half right there!

Tyla Wynn sucking deep on cock

But when the action starts, you can see that even Tyla Wynn can have a difficult time with the sort of cocksucking Gagalicious expects of her.  Her partner really slams his big boner in her mouth way down deep, until she can’t breathe anymore, before slipping it out all covered in spit.  Now that’s really intense even for her, and soon she ends up dribbling all over herself as he thrusts into her mouth over and over, showing no release as she gags at his intense assault.

Tyla Wynn choking and gagging on a deepthroat

So even Tyla Wynn can have a hard time sucking down cock, as long as it’s done the Gagalicious way!  If you want to see more of that sort of fellatio action (although fellatio is such a tame word for what these girls experience), then check that link now!

Rachel Roxxx In A Spew-Filled Gagging Blowjob

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

Rachel Roxxx with her mouth filled with cockmeat

Licking up some cum from her hands is one of Rachel Roxxx‘s perks at her job.  And she still gets to do it here, although she had to lick up a lot more of her drool after it got mixed in with the spooge after the deepthroat job that she had to do.

Rachel Roxxx getting her mouth fucked hard

Her partner had a huge cock, and normally for a slut like Rachel that was absolutely no problem.  But the way he hammered her face like she was just a blowup doll really had her choking on his huge erection.  This guy showed no mercy at all, the way he mouth-fucked this brown-haired hottie, and in no time, Rachel was spewing up loads of her saliva just like a sick dog.

Rachel Roxxx licking up the cum and spit after her blowjob

He fucked her every which way, trying to find a position where he could really slip it in deep, and Rachel had a hard time breathing the way her thrust up her throat.  To give the guy credit, he let her come up for air once in a while, slipping his cock out for a few seconds while Rachel gasped and sucked in a few precious seconds of air.  Then he plunged back in again, and this slut had to take it with her mouth open and drops of spit dripping out.  But then she still got her reward in the end when he finally got to explode all over her grateful face, signaling the end of another sizzling hot gag-filled blowjob from Gagalicious!