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Eva Karera Gets Cock Thrust Down Her Throat

Friday, November 26th, 2010

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Check out this hot picture of Eva Karera getting choked while a big boner is being thrust up and down her throat. One of my hottest fantasies about Eva Karera has got to be seeing that exotic face with its lips wrapped around my meat.  Eva looks so desirable sucking dick in these pics, and whoever these guy is, he’s one lucky bastards to get their pole waxed like that.
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Eva Karera doesn’t look like she’s afraid to take on big cocks too, as it shows in one pic where she’s just been splattered with that guy’s cum. She obviously satisfied his big schlong real good, and she’s enjoying the sticky fruits of her labors in that shot.  Boy, is Eva Karera one kinky little slut, or what?
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