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Amia Miley forces mouth open for cock

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

No man can easily forget the soft, warm, and wet feel of some chick’s mouth hours or even a few days after giving it a good fuck. helps our viewers recall that hot each time they see these pictures of kinky sluts taking in a hard boner down their throat. Or even if you still get to really feel every thrust of your dick deep inside that dirty mouth but just wanted to jack off to photos like what you see here on Gagalicious, pretty sure we’ll satisfy that longing just the same.

Amia Miley is one hardcore slut who owns a lot of pics where she enjoys getting mouth-fucked so rough that she’d tear up and drool all over the place. She almost always end up begging for more of that cock until she’d finally gets satisfied the moment that meat hit her throat for a bunch of times and made her want to eat it whole. She admits to kinda getting carried away when things get too rough and she finds herself tearing up and having a hard time keeping her eyes open because she’d rather take in the intense feeling that is getting her sore mouth banged by her BF’s boner.

And while getting her photos taken, she’d want to give her all and really make her audience feel just how much she’s having fun gagging on throbbing dongs. This wild slut likes getting fucked deep and hard just as she would get fucked in her mouth. But it is with deepthroating some guy’s dick is her specialty and she will be showing us more soon, Check out her full gallery right here and don’t miss out on new posts soon!

Aimee Addison Loves The Feel Of Dick In Her Throat!

Friday, November 5th, 2010

hot aimee addison blowjob

She’s stacked, she’s blonde and she’s sizzling hot! Aimee Addison already has all the characteristics that make guys want to just drop down their pants and shove their throbbing dicks into any of her body orfices, but there is still one more thing about Aimee that will blow people’s minds! She likes the feeling of having a big dick inside her mouth and throat! Oh yes, I am not kidding, I have pictures to prove it!
hot aimee addison sucking dick

Aimee Addison likes having sex and getting fucked by  horny studs, but sucking big hard cocks is what really turns her on!  She’s clearly enjoying this blowjob session a lot, and just see how much fun she’s having rubbing that massive dick in her mouth against the inside of her cheeks just like it was a big fat toothbrush! And when this dudes she’s sucking off is ready to bust a nut, she likes for him to cum directly on her face!

hot aimee addison oral sex

Aimee is such a fucking mynx, I am telling you! Don’t believe me? Look at these hot blowjob pictures! For more of Aimee Addison having dick rammed down her throat, check out Gagalicious!

Kacey Villainess, mouth-fucked and gagged

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Kacey Villainess blowjob

Kacey Villainess‘ school girl look just makes her even more sexy. This tall, all-natural blonde girl came to us for one simple endeavour: to get the wildest cocksucking experience of her life. And that was exactly was she got after this blowjob episode. To make things even more exciting, Kacey admitted that she’s a deepthroat virgin. Well, Kacey’s first deepthroat experience got her retching alright!

Kacey gets a facial

Kacey started slow in her cocksucking adventure, demonstrating first her skill in sucking big cocks, and we admit she’s close to being a master cocksucker. After a while, while slowly deepthroating the big cock in front of her, she soon started gagging and choking, which got her even more turned on. Well, you gotta check out the rest of Kacey’s performance right here to find out how she handled the rest of her first deepthroat experience.